Engine Turning

We offer engine turning workshops for those interested in a 16th century technology for mechanically engraving patterns in metal. Classes limited to 4 people per session. We also offer individual tutoring. Classes start at $400 per person. 

Engine Turning I – Two Days ($400): This class aims to provide students with a basic understanding of engine turning, set up, and simple pattern development. Whether students are looking into watch dials, jewelry, or are just curious about guilloché work in general, this class caters to individual’s interests via a variety of projects. Most students leave with at least one finished project, such as earrings or a writing pen.

Engine Turning II – Two Days ($600): This class is designed for those with a rudimentary knowledge of engine turning or guilloché work.  It will include lessons on surface preparation, demonstrate integration of divergent patterns, how to work with borders, laying out work that requires more than one center, and other advanced concepts. Whether you are interested in making watch dials, custom jewelry, or decorative arts this class will further your understanding and skills.  The projects will vary depending on the students interest, and the course will take a hands on approach.  Each student will leave with at least one completed project. While this is an advanced class, the small numbers allow us to accommodate different skill levels. A student with some metals experience and a keen interest may be eligible to take this class if unable to attend the beginners class – please contact us for details.

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