Sacred Geometry – a 16th Century Coloring Book

This unique coloring book is a compilation of machine-drawn patterns generated by a rose engine. Rose engines are hand-operated machines that were developed in the 16th century and used during the Victorian era for the decorative turning of wood, ivory, metal, and ceramics. The geometry of the patterns is determined by mathematical sequences often associated with sacred geometry and the golden mean. The MADE Ornamental Rose Engine Lathe, a modern machine designed in the tradition of the past, was used to create these patterns.


The front and back covers are letterpress, the front with copper foil. The binding is copper wire, allowing the book to lay flat as you color. The 72 unique patterns are printed on 180lb uncoated white paper – so your coloring utensils won’t bleed through and colors stay true. This book is limited to 300 copies and was handmade here in Seattle Washington.



Buy the book here (USA): $30 + shipping

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Buy the book here (International): $30 + shipping
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For the technically interested, we’ve put together a book of receipts. This lists the steps for how to generate each pattern on the rose engine.





Book + Receipts (USA): $40 + shipping

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Book + Receipts (International): $40 + shipping

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We’ve also put together a limited special edition of the book – hand signed by the authors + the MADE lathe team. It includes the book of receipts, a hand dyed copper cotton tote bag, a set of colored pencils, and an engine turned bookmark – all hand made here at the Memoria Technica Workshop. These are hand numbered & limited to 24 editions.




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